Odd Article: Slow and sad. It’s not the beat you wanna hear 📃 Artigo Avulso: Lenta e triste. NĂŁo Ă© a batida que vocĂȘ quer ouvir


In English they have one single word for “parapeito da janela”, which is “windowsill”, though you may sometimes find it divided into two, as “window sill”. I find this too beautiful a word to mean something so ordinary and plain. There is a song with the word “windowsill”:


 One song that depicts depression very closely and accurately is as follows:

One longs to sleep, maybe for hours on end, and there’s an urge for love. The slowest of times. Stereotypes are not needed. But you get the picture of how one might feel by listening to this music.

A mental health condition is not a state of mind. It’s something smart scholars are still trying to figure out in research. It’s something of which the anti-asylum fight tried to change the concept and build alternative “homes” or “places of residence” and “treatment”, alternative ways of giving substance to the matter and subjects. Subjects, individuals. In science they are often referred to as such.

Below is an interesting video on the subject:

Another approach to the unknown. The pain you might name using a substance called “serotonin”, perhaps “mirror neurons”. We don’t know where it hurts precisely but it hurts. I believe Marisa Ort said that once. Have you ever asked a person with a mental illness where or how it hurts?


Getting to know yourself is a long-term process. If for one reason or another you had one or maybe many traumas in life and that increased your chances of paying a visit to the mental health doctor, psychologist, psychoanalyst, or school counselor, it probably means you needed help in doing that amid the circumstances. This is called support. 


The unbearable thought has now turned into words. I don’t know about you, but coffee helped me today. God, the ever-present. There were times when I needed other sorts of support. The dismay was evident. I could hardly move my fingers for a moment.


Today, they say, we are living the new normal. Sickness itself brings one to a sort of isolation depending on its severity or kind. Mental illnesses have always been in a way connected with seclusion, isolation. No wonder our mental condition might worsen in days of more isolation.

As I’ve found out that It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is a Korean series that portrays the theme of mental illness, I will mention it here:


Now the words are coming softly. Thinking hurts. I try to use the words I can handle. This is a depiction of the time when it started hurting nowhere and everywhere. Reality calls. You want to run away again. This time you stay. You take your medication until no more. To make of life a home is the biggest of challenges. They say you are the weakest part of humanity, but the battle you fight is the most challenging. They don’t know that. It’s a secret of the universe.