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3: Help me out. I might need love
4: I fell asleep on her couch
6: A song
9: In search for meaning. A girl has to start over sometime
10: Life as we see in our huge planet and in it only
11: As if millions of loaves of bread had been stolen
12: Grey waters, so to speak
14: Chester B. was absent when I heard a song
15: We did not speak of bits on the Internet 
17: I have got a plant on my forearm
18: My mother held me back
19: Don't get lost in the woods, my son
21: 288 little pieces of paper will have survived the dragon... 
23: New wine into new wineskins
24: Don't get me wrong, but I want to pass on to you an unwonted task 
25: They spoke of Crystal. Crystal meth
26: I was searching for myself when I found you
27: Financially speaking...
28: On being a boy
30: I thought about what I really wanted. A beautiful possibility occurred to me
31: I'll be gentle
33: Despite my wrong ways, some light could be found
34: Sorry I could not invite you in
35: Still the hard-to-find type, as you would say
36: The romance came to an end and has been rethought
40: What some daughters are made of
41: But there was a whole process involved in changing my mindset
43: The second year of the challenge begins
46: First we recognize danger, then we do something
47: Tranquility may find rescue in a very specific kind of freedom
48: Hope
49: Now what we believe ultimately underpins the future
50: But sooner or later, however strong, I will have to face up to this
53: Knock, knock
54: The missing information turned out to be counterrevolutionary
55: Message n° 55
56: They will be late
57: A hypersubjective message that told of our fleeting interactions
58: Morning came with a strange feeling
59: "Our Destiny Lies Above Us"
64: Not to know was a necessary part
65: There are ways of living and ways of dying
66: Sleeping fear
68: When we speak by way of codes
69: Until a season becomes eternity
71: Message n° 71
72: A choice once made, though consequently a fact
73: No day as exceptional as tomorrow
75: I may be sloppy this time…
77: I knew nothing until then
79: Welcome. There have been some changes.
81: Crah, crah, crah, crah
82: Every minute of waiting
83: We are stories to be told
84: I am the person behind the open curtains
85: Bound to a miracle
86: I, who went out there
88: He, who speaks of God
89: My dear friend, I am alive
90: I have been wrong
91: Silence knows me
92: Beyond here something more. Please believe.
93: Why to continue 

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