Message n° 96: Stay calm.
It’s been seven days now since it all began. 

Stay calm

- I said to people I wasn’t really in contact with. They were virtual images. I was an image myself. Ms. Nurse once told me and a colleague of mine how to wash hands properly.

Wash  between your fingers and even under your nails, see?  
- and she showed me.

Then there was the Good Food Handling Practices telling not to forget to 

wash part of the forearm as well. 

Some old information very valuable these days. At another time: "Watch out with how you touch your eyes. Use the back of your hand or you may get conjunctivitis. Be careful." And now there are those virtual meetings with people, real people, virtual church services, live streamings, virtual shops open 24 hours a day to resort to during an outbreak of information and isolation pandemic. 
 What is meant by staying calm is to abide by some rules of hope. These days have provided more and more an outbreak of information when one was already tending to be more and more virtual, an image of oneself. Nothing remains alone. Nonetheless, this was about isolation long before. And maybe this is about Ms. Nature telling something so that we can learn. What would it be but of a balance lost, of solidarity and of the fragility of a seemingly aggressive system led by credit ratings and financial transactions?
I have a theory about this. But I don’t want to speak my mind and watch it become one more vain piece of information. 

So just forget everything I have said so far. Let’s start over.


Message n° 94: Don’t stay calm